The agricultural company is made up of 2 shareholders who have embraced this wonderful project due to their love and passion towards this land.
Maria Grazie and Antonio helped by an expert worker who occasionally collaborates in the making of the vineyard.
Our wine cellar is placed in the center of Samugheo, it’s easily reachable going through Kennedy street.

The Valle di Accòrò wine cellar is a company situated in Samugheo, its vineyards are in the territory of Mandorlisai -from which the DOC denomination-.
Is Calavrighes is born in this valley at the slopes of Gennargentu mountain, 400 over the sea level, this area is highly sunny and protected from the Tramontane, letting the grapes a complete maturation.
The production and cultivation of the vines is made without any mechanic machine, only manually like our forefather did.
The classic vine tree represents the predominant cultivation, while the forms.
Every winegrower is focused on stroking the shoots, pruning or intertwining them.

The grape harvest day is amazing, all the kinfolk, share together the joy for the harvest. All the efforts of the year turn into a celebration day.

The main objective of the company is the recovery of the ancient wine-making traditions, handed down form rather to son that with the passing of the years have been enriched with few innovations of the wine-making methods which have led the company producing wines with strong tastes, characteristics of the territory where the vines have been implanted.

The choice and rescue of some local vines has been fundamental for the exaltation of the perfumes and the tastes of the wines that we produce. The company’s will is to let the lovers of those full flavors know those aromas that is unlikely to preserve with the modern wine-makings techniques.
The production of wines in Sardinia is linked to the natural rhythms of the local people who have been cultivating the Cannonau and the “muristellu”. The company has founded his policy on those principles adopting processes of lavoration and transformation that are intended as a balanced exchange which doesn’t alter the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes and respectful of the territory.